• April 22th, 2023

    Fourth Year in Izmir

    MarathonIzmir is set to be held on Sunday, 7 May. The event is being staged by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality since the year 2020.


    The race saw the Turkish all-comers record in men with 2:09:27 last year. Several fast African runners will toe the start line again on 7 May. Whilst the winner pockets 10 thousand dollars, master athletes up to over 80 years of age will receive cash prizes as well.


    A 10km race will traditionally be held concurrently with the marathon. Depar Timing will be providing the timing services in both races.


    Detailed information is available at

  • January 3rd, 2023

    Tokyo and RAK Finish The Year On Top

    Tokyo Marathon and RAK Half Marathon topped the 2022 World Athletics “Marathons” and “Road Running” rankings respectively.

    Competition Performance Rankings of the year 2022 are finalised after the inclusion of the races held in the new year’s eve. Helped with Eliud Kipchoge’s winning time of 2:02:40, Tokyo Marathon is ranked number one by 10621 points in the marathons list whereas the Berlin Marathon, which saw the world record of 2:01:09 by Kipchoge, could only share the third place with Boston due to the slower results following the winner. London Marathon, the 18-time winner of the past 20 years, finished the year in fifth place.

    Marathons held in Turkiye were on the fall compared to 2021. Istanbul Marathon ranked 44th while Marathon Izmir had to settle for a 51st place. In the rankings of separate genders, Istanbul is 49th, Izmir 63rd on the men’s side, and Istanbul 43rd, Izmir 47th in the women’s list.

    Coming back from its cancellation in 2021, RAK Half Marathon is also back to the top of the rankings of the half marathons and races over shorter distance. RAK is followed by the Adizero 10km. Istanbul Half Marathon, second overall and first in the women-only in 2021, has become 13th overall, 5th in women’s rankings. Istanbul is still among the top three half marathons in women-only rankings when the shorter distances are removed from the list.

    World Athletics Road Races Performance Rankings are based on the aggregate points of the fastest eight performances and the participation score of the competitors in a race. Top five events in 2022 and the rankings of the Turkish races are as follows:

    1. Tokyo Marathon, 10621 points
    2. Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon, 10431 points
    3. BMW Berlin Marathon, 10389 points
    3. Boston Marathon, 10389 points
    5. TCS London Marathon, 10388 points
    44. N Kolay Istanbul Marathon, 9129 points
    51. Marathon Izmir, 9043 points

    Other road running races:
    1. RAK Half Marathon, 10697 points
    2. Adizero Road to Records 10km, 10390 points
    3. Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Half Marathon, 10228 points
    4. Adizero Road to Records 5km, 10040 points
    5. Copenhagen Half Marathon, 10006 points
    13. N Kolay Istanbul Half Marathon, 9829 points
    123. Trabzon Half Marathon, 8566 points
    149. Adana Liberation Half Marathon, 8353 points
    173. Konya Half Marathon, 8126 points
    289. Izmir 9 Eylül Half Marathon, 7368 points

  • January 1st, 2023

    New Year Wishes From Depar Timing

    May you have a good start to the year 2023, live the life at your targeted pace, and finish the year as strong as you can.

  • December 24th, 2022

    Last Chances To Register For Adana

    Entries for the 13th Adana Liberation Half Marathon might be closed before the deadline of 5 January. The race is on the 8th.

    Organised since 2011, Adana Liberation Half Marathon will again be the first event to host the road runners in the new year. The event includes a 10km race as well as a public run. Even though it was announced that the entries at would remain open until the 5th of January, it is likely that the quota of 1500 participants for the half marathon and 1000 for the 10km will be reached sooner. It will be no longer possible to register for the event once those quotas are filled.

    The programme on Sunday, 8 January will begin with the 10km race at 9:30, followed by the half marathon at 9:50. The last start of the day is 10:00 for the public run that is over an estimated distance of 4km. Top ten overall finishers in the half marathon will receive prize money starting from 30 thousand Turkish Lira while the first five in each masters age group will be pocketing cash prizes. 10km winners will also leave Adana with 6 thousand TL.

    African athletes dominated the Adana Liberation Half Marathon for the past 12 editions and took the first place nine times in both men and women. Men’s race record is held by Kenya’s Barselius Kipyego with 1:00:46, standing from 2016, and the women’s record was set by his compatriot Diana Kipyokei in 2018 with a time of 1:08:42. Timing services in Adana will once again be provided by Depar Timing.

  • November 16th, 2022

    Bikers To Meet At Night

    Cycling enthusiasts will come together in Florya Atatürk City Forest. Istanbul Mountain Bike Night Race is set for 26 November.

    Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and its subsidiary Sports Istanbul, the organisers of the event, require the entrants to hold a valid license issued by The Turkish Cycling Federation and to ride a 26-inch bike during the race. The event is limited to an overall 300 participants, and the entries will be accepted until Wednesday, 23 November unless the quota is reached earlier. The races in 13 age categories, offering various gifts and cash prizes for the podium, will start at 18:00 and 19:30 on Saturday, 26 November.

    Timing services at the Istanbul Mountain Bike Night Race will be provided by a Depar Timing team with global cycling races experience. Detailed information and the registration module are available on