• January 9th, 2022

    Kenyans Victorious in Adana

    Emmanuel Bor and Daisy Kimeli took the top honours with 1:01:39 and 1:13:42 respectively at the Adana Liberation Half Marathon.

    For the fifth time in the 12-year history of the event, Kenyan athletes ran away with both titles in Adana. Emmanuel Bor led the men’s race from gun to tape, passing through the 5km mark in 14:53, 10km in 29:13 and 15km in 44:13 on his way to a 1:01:39 win. Getaye Gelaw of Ethiopia, a resident of Turkey, was a close contender throughout the race and finished in 1:01:56. Kenya’s 41-year-old Benard Sang, who was just beside the leaders until the 10th km, ran a relatively slower second half of the race to take the third in 1:04:58.

    On the women’s side, Daisy Kimeli was already 48 seconds ahead of the rest of the field when she passed the 5km in 16:37 and she was never challenged until she crossed the finish line in 1:13:42. Burcu Subatan, a rising road runner from Turkey, closed the gap during the last 8km and arrived in 1:13:58. Another Turkish athlete Büşra Nur Koku was the last on the podium by her time of 1:15:23.

    Emmanuel Bor’s 1:01:39 is the fourth fastest winning time in Adana while Daisy Kimeli is the fifth slowest winner with 1:13:42. Both men’s and women’s races are won nine times by Africans and three times by Turkish athletes in 12 years.

  • January 3rd, 2022

    2021 Road Races Performance Rankings

    London and Valencia topped the 2021 marathon and half marathon rankings respectively. Istanbul Half finished the year second.

    World Athletics 2021 Competition Rankings are finalised following the races held in the new year’s eve. Albeit the results of the race did not meet the world record expectations, Virgin Money London Marathon ranked first once again in the marathons top list. London Marathon, now the 18-time winner of the past 20 years, is followed by the Generali Milan Marathon and the TCS Amsterdam Marathon. Istanbul secured its leadership among the marathons held in Turkey. Ranked 18th in the world rankings, N Kolay Istanbul Marathon finished the year only 41 points ahead of Marathon Izmir where the Turkish all-comers record in men’s marathon was broken. Marathon Izmir, ranked 33rd in its inaugural edition in 2020 when Istanbul was 17th, climbed to 20th position in 2021.

    Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Half Marathon is ranked number one for a second consecutive year among the half marathons and races over shorter distance. Istanbul Half Marathon, having ranged from seventh to twelfth in previous years, falls 59 points short to Valencia to take the second place after its 2021 edition where the women’s world record was broken and three women finished under 65 minutes for the first time in history. In the women-only ranking, Istanbul is first 153 points ahead of Valencia.

    World Road Races Performance Rankings are based on the aggregate points of the fastest eight performances and the participation score of the competitors in a race. Top five events in 2021 and the rankings of the Turkish races are as follows:

    1. Virgin Money London Marathon, 10857 point
    2. Generali Milan Marathon, 10167 points
    3. TCS Amsterdam Marathon, 10129 points
    4. Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon, 10125 points
    5. TCS New York Marathon, 9934 points
    18. N Kolay Istanbul Marathon, 9391 points
    20. Marathon Izmir, 9350 points
    51. Trabzon Marathon, 8550 points

    Half marathons and races over shorter distance:
    1. Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Half Marathon, 10828 points
    2. N Kolay Istanbul Half Marathon, 10769 points
    3. Adizero Road to Records 10km, 10434 points
    4. The Giants Geneve 10km, 10216 points
    5. Bahrain Night Half Marathon, 10112 points
    50. Trabzon Half Marathon, 8910 points
    76. Bebek 10km, 8652 points
    115. Marathon Izmir 10km, 8323 points
    137. Adana Half Marathon, 8172 points
    *165. N Kolay Istanbul Marathon 15km, 7940 points
    216. 9 Eylül Izmir Half Marathon, 7687 points
    (* After the points deducted due to the elevation difference over 1/1000)

  • January 2nd, 2022

    Fastest Five Marathoners in 2021

    It has been a year that winning was more on focus rather than fast times. Olympic championships didn’t make the top five list.

    Whilst the all-time marathon great Eliud Kipchoge added another Olympic gold to his career, he finished the year 14th with his fastest time of 2:04:30. Putting the marathon races on target after her recent half marathon achievements, Peres Jepchirchir triumphed in the two events she participated, the Olympic Games and the New York Marathon, however, her 2:22:39 from New York placed her only to 24th in the top lists.

    Titus Ekiru, who hadn’t finished a marathon since December 2019, not only topped the 2021 list with the 2:02:57 he ran in Milan in May, but also he became the sixth man to go sub-2:03 in history. On the women’s side, it is Joyciline Jepkosgei in the lead with her London Marathon wining time 2:17:43.

    Even though the Turkish marathon runners achieved a few personal bests during the year, it was a disappointment to have only one finisher, Yavuz Ağralı, at the Olympic Games in Tokyo where Turkey had qualified with four athletes. The most memorable performance of the year came in Istanbul’s relatively hard course when Hüseyin Can broke the 36-year-old National U23 Record. 

    Top five athletes in the marathon list of 2021 are as follows;

    Men's marathon World list:
    2:02:57  Titus Ekiru, Kenya (Milan, 16 May)
    2:03:36  Bashir Abdi, Belgium (Rotterdam, 24 October)
    2:03:39  Tamirat Tola, Ethiopia (Amsterdam, 17 October)
    2:03:55  Reuben Kiprop Kipyego, Kenya (Milan, 16 May)
    2:04:01  Sisay Lemma, Ethiopia (London, 3 October)

    Men's marathon Turkish list:
    2:09:45  Polat Kemboi Arıkan (Valencia, 5 December)
    2:12:15  Ömer Alkanoğlu (Trabzon, 21 February)
    2:13:54  Üzeyir Söylemez (Trabzon, 21 February)
    2:16:02  Hüseyin Can (Istanbul, 7 November)
    2:17:06  Mert Girmalegese (Istanbul, 7 November)

    Women's marathon World list:
    2:17:43  Joyciline Jepkosgei, Kenya (London, 3 October)
    2:17:57  Angela Tanui, Kenya (Amsterdam, 17 October)
    2:17:58  Degitu Azimeraw, Ethiopia (London, 3 October)
    2:18:18  Ashete Bekere, Ethiopia (London, 3 October)
    2:18:40  Brigid Kosgei, Kenya (London, 3 October)

    Women's marathon Turkish list:
    2:29:08  Meryem Erdoğan (Milan, 16 May)
    2:34:30  Tubay Erdal (Sofia, 10 October)
    2:34:52  Fadime Çelik (Trabzon, 21 February)
    2:43:33  Esma Aydemir (Furstenfeld, 23 May)
    2:50:18  Dilan Atak (Izmir, 11 April)

  • January 2nd, 2022

    Top Five in 2021 Half Marathons

    The half marathons in 2021 will mostly be remembered by the fast world records following each other, the women’s in particular.

    Ruth Chepngetich opened the year of amazing world records by her 1:04:02 at the Istanbul Half Marathon in April, however, she could take only the third place in the annual top list. Letesenbet Gidey topped the list by her record time of 1:02:52 from Valencia in October.

    Jacob Kiplimo was another surprise record-breaker by 57:31 in Lisbon in November, shaving one second off the previous world record, which was believed to last for some years. One month earlier, four of the top five performances of the year were registered in Valencia.

    Young Turkish talents produced some promising half marathon performances in 2021. The 23-year-old Sezgin Ataç took the first place in the top list along with Yasemin Can on the women’s side. 

    Top five athletes in the half marathon list of 2021 are as follows;

    Men's half marathon World list:
    57:31  Jacob Kiplimo, Uganda (Lisbon, 21 November)
    58:07  Abel Kipchumba, Kenya (Valencia, 24 October)
    58:09  Rhonex Kipruto, Kenya (Valencia, 24 October)
    58:26  Daniel Mataiko, Kenya (Valencia, 24 October)
    58:28  Kennedy Kimutai, Kenya (Valencia, 24 October)

    Men's half marathon Turkish list:
    1:02:20  Sezgin Ataç (Trabzon, 21 February)
    1:02:26  Kaan Kigen Özbilen (Istanbul, 4 April)
    1:03:36  Aras Kaya (Istanbul, 4 April)
    1:03:46  Halil Yaşın (Istanbul, 4 April)
    1:04:01  Hüseyin Can (Istanbul, 4 April)

    Women's half marathon World list:
    1:02:52  Letesenbet Gidey, Ethiopia (Valencia, 24 October)
    1:03:51  Yalemzerf Yehualaw, Ethiopia (Valencia, 24 October)
    1:04:02  Ruth Chepngetich, Kenya (Istanbul, 4 April)
    1:04:51  Hellen Obiri, Kenya (Istanbul, 4 April)
    1:04:54  Sheila Chepkirui Kiprotich, Kenya (Valencia, 24 October)

    Women's half marathon Turkish list:
    1:08:32  Yasemin Can (Istanbul, 4 April)
    1:12:15  Fatma Karasu (Trabzon, 21 February)
    1:12:17  Yayla Günen (Trabzon, 21 February)
    1:12:40  Bahar Atalay (Trabzon, 21 February)
    1:13:16  Yasemin Can Arslan (Istanbul, 4 April)

  • January 1st, 2022

    Have a Great New Year!

    Depar Timing Team wishes you a prosperous 2022, full of personal bests and medals. May you achieve all your goals in life!