Depar Timing

As Depar Trading (Depar Timing is a subsidiary of our company that concentrates on the timing scope of our business), we provide services in various range of sports continuously since 1987. Before mentioning that the Athletics is our main focus of our business, we do also secure the supply of professional level and high quality sportive materials and enguide the organizations of those different type of sports including such as Gymnastics and Weightlifting.

As being appointed as the local distributor of some of the most widely – recognized firms in the world (ChampionChip/MYLaps, Nordic Sport and so on), Depar Ticaret has come to those days by giving only the premium level of service.

Our most important goal is to provide the highest quality level of services and sportive materials that are available and applicable to the conditions for Turkey. We are ready to serve you side by side in your most valuable times for securing a high level of service moving from the fact that we have quite a handful number of contacts for which we deliver business solutions to that are located on abroad, especially in both Europe and Middle-East.

Hope to meet with you for any reason...