• February 13th, 2018

    Destination Mediterranean For Cyclists

    Grand Prix Alanya, listed on UCI’s 2018 calendar, will be held on 18 February. This will be the first cycling event of the year for Depar Timing.

    Ranked 1.2 One-Day Road Race by UCI (International Cycling Union), Grand Prix Alanya is set to host 25 teams from 15 countries. A total of 150 cyclists are expected to pedal in the race of 175 kilometres.

    The teams to compete in Grand Prix Alanya are Apple City Team Almaty, Apple Cycling Team, Astana City Continental Team, Bike Aid Team, CCC Sprandi Palcowice, CSA Steau Bucharest Cycling Team, Eritrea National Team, Estonia National Team, Fiberli Antalya Cycling Team, Georgia National Team, Kazakhstan National Team, Konya Torku Şekerspor, Lassa Brissa Cycling Team, Lviv Continental Cycling Team, Marathon Tula Cycling Team, Minsk Cycling Team, Salcano Sakarya Cycling Team, Salcano Kapadokya Cycling Team, Synergy Baku Cycling Project, Tashkent City Cycling Team, Team Sapura, Tuşnad Cycling Team, Ukraine National Team, Velo Alanya Mix Team, Vino Astana Motors Cycling Team.

    Depar Timing, providing timing services in various running, triathlon, cycling, swimming and classic car races in Turkey as well as abroad, will start its 2018 cycling events campaign in Alanya. The experienced and expert team to be in charge on 18 February will next head to Antalya for the Tour of Antalya to be held on 22-25 February.

  • February 9th, 2018

    Course Records Fall At RAK

    Kenyans Bedan Karoki and Fancy Chemutai broke the course records at the RAK Half Marathon by 58:42 and 1:04:52 respectively.

    While seven men finished within one hour in Ras Al Khaimah, Karoki dipped under 59 minutes, improving his lifetime best by 28 seconds. Karoki’s 58:42 took ten seconds off the course record, and it was just 19 seconds shy of the world record.

    It was Fancy Chemutai who beat the strong women’s field, missing the world record by one second. World record holder Joyciline Jepkosgei, who was suffering the residual effects of flu over the past two weeks, could only take the fifth place. Caroline Kipkirui of Kenya set the 10 miles world best by 49:29 on her way to the last step on the podium.

    Timing services in RAK Half Marathon were provided by the local Premier Timing, and Depar Timing acted as the Assisting Timing Company. Top ten finishers were as follows at the 2018 RAK Half Marathon;

    1. Bedan Karoki (KEN) 58:42
    2. Jemal Yimer (ETH) 59:00
    3. Alex Kibet (KEN) 59:06
    4. Jorum Okombo (KEN) 59:36
    5. Morris Gachaga (KEN) 59:36
    6. Wilfred Kimitei (KEN) 59:40
    7. Edwin Kiptoo (KEN) 59:54
    8. Benard Kimeli (KEN) 1:00:16
    9. Vincent Rono (KEN) 1:00:24
    10. Lelisa Desisa (ETH) 1:00:28

    1. Fancy Chemutai (KEN) 1:04:52
    2. Mary Keitany (KEN) 1:04:55
    3. Caroline Kipkirui (KEN) 1:05:07
    4. Joan Chelimo Melly (KEN) 1:05:37
    5. Joyciline Jepkosgei (KEN) 1:06:46
    6. Degitu Azimeraw Asires (ETH) 1:06:47
    7. Brigid Kosgei (KEN) 1:06:49
    8. Gladys Cherono (KEN) 1:07:13
    9. Helen Tola Bekele (ETH) 1:07:47
    10. Naom Jebet (KEN) 1:08:22

  • February 8th, 2018

    “Super Wood”, the Future of Bikes?

    US researchers developed super-strong and tough densified wood that could be an alternative for road race bicycle manufacture in the future.

    The team, led by Dr. Liangbing Hu, at the University of Maryland were successful in transforming natural wood into a high-performance structural material following a series of treatment. The “super wood” is expected to be substituted into any application where steel is currently used, such as cars, aeroplanes, buildings and, presumably, bicycle manufacture.

    The new wood is comparable to carbon fibre but much less expensive and lighter. Wood had already been used for bicycle manufacture for some years as it absorbs vibrations well, making cycling on bumpy roads smoother and less tiring, and there are more than one hundred companies that make bikes from wood or bamboo. The “super wood”, which is claimed to be tenfold stronger than regular wood, could be used in race bikes.

    University of Maryland researchers are proposing that bulk natural wood is transformed using a two-step process that involves the partial removal of lignin and hemicellulose through boiling in an aqueous mixture of sodium hydroxide and sodium sulphite. The material is then mechanically hot-pressed at 100°C, leading to the total collapse of cell walls and the complete densification of the natural wood with highly aligned cellulose nanofibers. The treatment results in a material that has a specific tensile strength that is higher than that of high-specific-strength steel, and even of lightweight titanium alloy.

  • February 3rd, 2018

    Fastest Field Ever Set For 9 February

    15 men with sub-60 bests will hit the course at this year’s RAK Half Marathon while the world record holders of both marathon and half marathon will meet on the women’s side.

    The race, promoted as the “World’s Fastest Half Marathon”, gathered a strong elite field once again staying true to its reputation. Jorum Lumbasi Okombo, who ran his PB of 58:48 last October, and the reigning RAK champion Bedan Karoki will line up on Friday, 9 February alongside 13 others who could go the distance faster than an hour. The Turkish distance star Ali Kaya is also entered in the race and will try to improve his career best of 1:00:16.

    Two Kenyans with world record achievements within the last year are headlining the fast women’s field. Joyciline Jepkosgei who bettered her half marathon record to 1:04:51 in October and Mary Keitany, the new record holder of the women-only marathon by her 2:17:01 in London last April will clash with another nine women with sub-68 bests.

    The event, held in Ras Al Khaimah, one of the seven Emirates that form the United Arab Emirates, utilises the timing services of the local Premier Timing, and Depar Timing acts as the Assisting Timing Company. The Depar Timing Team who will be in charge in RAK will fly to the Emirates on Wednesday, 7 February.

    The outstanding elite field of the RAK Half Marathon 2018 is as follows;

    Men: Jorum Lumbasi Okombo (KEN) 58:48, Guye Adola (ETH) 59:06, James Wangari (KEN) 59:07, Bedan Karoki (KEN) 59:10, Fikadu Haftu (ETH) 59:22, Josphat Tanui (KEN) 59:22, Albert Kangogo (KEN) 59:25, Augustine Choge (KEN) 59:26, Edwin Kiptoo (KEN) 59:26, Vincent Rono (KEN) 59:27, Leonard Barsoton (KEN) 59:28, Lelisa Desisa (ETH) 59:30, Alex Kibet (KEN) 59:32, Geoffrey Yegon (KEN) 59:44, Solomon Yego (KEN) 59:50, Shadrack Kimining (KEN) 1:00:07, Ali Kaya (TUR) 1:00:16.

    Women: Joyciline Jepkosgei (KEN) 1:04:51, Mary Keitany (KEN) 1:05:13, Fancy Chemutai (KEN) 1:05:36, Edith Chelimo (KEN) 1:05:52, Gladys Cherono (KEN) 1:06:07, Eunice Chumba (BRN) 1:06:11, Joan Chelimo Melly (KEN) 1:06:25, Brigid Kosgei (KEN) 1:06:35, Caroline Kipkirui (KEN) 1:06:48, Lucy Cheruiyot (KEN) 1:07:23, Vivian Cheruiyot (KEN) 1:07:44, Naomi Jebet (KEN) 1:08:44, Helen Bekele Tola (ETH) 1:09:48.

  • January 26th, 2018

    Historical Race in Dubai

    Ethiopian Mosinet Geremew was victorious at Dubai Marathon with a time of 2:04:00. Top five athletes finished the race within eight seconds.

    The Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon, which started early morning on 26 January, saw the course records smashed in both men’s and women’s races. Mosinet Geremew crossed the line first to beat his compatriots after a thrilling finish. The 27-year-old broke the course record by a margin of 11 seconds when he finished in 2:04:00. Debutant Leul Gebresilase took second with 2:04:02 while defending champion Tamirat Tola finished third in 2:04:06. Top seven runners dipped under 2:05, the highest number ever in a marathon.

    The women’s race produced similar outstanding performances. For the first time ever in marathon history, top four women clocked sub-2:20 times. Roza Dereje of Ethiopia won the race in a course record time of 2:19:17, followed by Feyse Tadese with 2:19:30 and Yebrgual Melese in 2:19:36.

    The winners of the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon takes home a prize purse of USD 200,000 each. Top ten finishers in the 19th edition of the event are as follows;

    1. Mosinet Geremew, ETH, 2:04:00
    2. Leul Gebresilase, ETH, 2:04:02
    3. Tamirat Tola, ETH, 2:04:06
    4. Asefa Mengstu, ETH, 2:04:06
    5. Sisay Lemma, ETH, 2:04:08
    6. Birhanu Legese, ETH, 2:04:15
    7. Seifu Tura, ETH, 2:04:44
    8. Yenew Alamirew, ETH, 2:08:56
    9. Mekuant Ayanew, ETH, 2:09:20
    10. Berhanu Teshome, ETH, 2:10:27

    1. Roza Dereje, ETH, 2:19:17
    2. Feyse Tadese, ETH, 2:19:30
    3. Yebrgual Melese, ETH, 2:19:36
    4. Worknesh Degefa, ETH, 2:19:53
    5. Haftamnesh Tesfay, ETH, 2:20:13
    6. Gelete Burka, ETH, 2:20:45
    7. Dera Dida, ETH, 2:21:45
    8. Desi Jisa, BRN, 2:24:05
    9. Sembere Teferi, ETH, 2:24:11
    10. Muliye Dekebo, ETH, 2:26:52