ChampionChip System

Championchip/MYLaps Solutions – The World Standard in Chip Timing Systems
Since it has been used officially for the first time in the 1994 edition of Berlin Marathon, it has been the premier and the only example totally in working condition for the chip-based timing systems. The developers for those systems are still working very hardly to improve the systems as they get closer to the perfection in each and every step. With the help of this experience and hard work for years, we are able to present the most stable and sound solution that ever exists in the world on behalf of chip timing. Also, 7 out of 10 ten races that the chip timing has been used does prefer to use the solutions of Championchip/MYLaps, which makes the firm as the world leader by a margin.

Five Greatest marathons in the world, that you might also consider the Eurasia Marathon in Turkey of which is the most important road race event in Turkey that also benefits from our services,  Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago and New York is still using or has used our solutions.

The extensibility and efficiency of the systems help to track down the races with a large number of people and also to receive the results gathered by the components totally hassle-free. Championchip/MYLaps, with its experience in that business for more than 20 years to come, is the premier company in the world for timing solutions. The race might have included either a couple of people or 70.000 people, the systems of Championchip/MYLaps are the most tested and reliable timing solutions available for today. As Depar Timing / Championchip/MYLaps Turkey, we are the distributor or service provider of this firm located in and assigned for the operations in Turkey. 

The system itself is based upon the principal that the raw chip data supplied by the chips produced by Championchip/MYLaps has been detected by the specially designed mats on the ground that detects the chips and sends the data collection to the “ yellow “ components which interpret and compile the data in the form that those might be implemented in the Championchip/MYLaps softwares by the operator. With the help of the usage of the backup systems that are intact, the problems that are generally experienced so far during those mass events have been decreased drastically. The system is corresponding from the data components that are officially approved by UCI, ITU, ETU, IAAF being mentioned that the Championchip/MYLaps systems do comply with the specifications that are generated by those sports bodies. Also, this might be important to mention that the systems might be used in Elite Level Races that will require very high level of accuracy in the results. The Championchip/MYLaps system components are used in the worst weather conditions throughout all these years and definitely holds a record of excellency in services that has been recognised by the event organisers in the world.

In those systems, the athletes do generate their results by passing over the mats that are located in specific points along the course that are pre-determined by the event organisers according to their needs. The Championchip/MYLaps owned technology also gives the opportunity to transfer the interval sectors data along the courses immediately to the data processing center by using miscellaneous mobile infrastructure methods. As the intervals data during the race can be presented very accurately to the participants of the race by various ways might give them a chance to check their performance in the mid-points of the race after the event and also helps to the organisers that athletes do surely obey to the rules of the events by passing each and every split point. Those data might also be provided as live or the way that has been preferred by the officials to the desired web sites. The another great advantage is the event results might be transferred to LED Walls, LCD Screens or any other visual source that might create a huge difference for the events that might be very difficult to follow by the spectators.

  • ChampionChip


    A Championchip/MYLaps System does basically collects that data that has been sent by a specially produced Championchip/MYLaps chip with the help of the mats that have been put on the ground, interprets them with the help of Championchip/MYLaps controllers, and processes them with the help of Championchip/MYLaps ears. At last, a unique database becomes formed by the operator that might present the results in any way that has demanded by the officials of the events, also noting that it is bound to the data that has been supplied by the event organisers as entry lists. The system itself will include electronic components that are designed and produced accouring to the military specifications of NATO, which will created a tolerance level for even heaviest weather and environmental conditions.

  • Detection Mat

    Detection Mat

    The mats have been produced from an extremely durable material, also is considered as the antenna component of the systems. These items might be used literally in every flat surface throughout the course. By setting up a specific magnetic field for the chips, it helps for the processing and the interpretation of the raw chip data.

  • DigiBox 2 Controller

    DigiBox 2 Controller

    This is the component of data interpretation of Championchip/MYLaps systems. The antenna mats are connected to this device up to four mats. The Championchip/MYLaps Controllers works primarily for the gathering and for the calculative needs demanded for the reading phase of the data. Championchip/MYLaps also supplies the electricity for the mats.

  • Digicase


    ChampionChip/MYLaps Portable Decoder is a very simplified edition of the classic systems of the ChampionChip/MYLaps. But, from the point of the stability and the performance, the device is no different than any other materials produced by ChampionChip/MYLaps. This device will surely detect all the chips recognised by the classic system. ChampionChip/MYLaps Portable decoder does carry a ChampionChip/MYLaps Ear and a ChampionChip/MYLaps Controller at the same time and bears to the same standards of production. The device has been designed for the necessities of extra portability of some sports events and totally a great solution for this field. Two antenna mats might be connected to the ChampionChip/MYLaps Portable Decoder.

  • The Ear

    The Ear

    The premier task for the ChampionChip /MYLaps Ear is the management of ChampionChip / MYLaps Controllers that are directly connected to them. As the device collects and processes that data sent by the controllers, it also formulates the matching syntaxes needed for the databases. ChampionChip / MYLaps Ear does not only send the raw data to the operator desk, but also classifies them accordingly. As the device might work independent from a power source, and forward the data to the operator desks by network cabling or mobile technologies available.

  • Chip


    The ChampionChip/MYLaps Chips are complementary materials for the succession of the systems. While the sportsmen are passing over mats by putting those chips in the necessary spots that are required for each type of the sports, the chips does publish a distinct code only for that chip and these codes have been transferred by the system devices to form a database.
    With the help of the chips, the most important function of the system, which is the matching of the raw chip data with the entry lists for the athletes, becomes finalised. Despite the complex level of technology used in ChampionChip/MYLaps Chips, they are very user friendly that does not require any attention rather than the location of them, protect the nature as it is fully recyclable, and totally weatherproof and stable.