• July 24th, 2022

    Strokes Heading To Black Sea

    Swimming season resumes in Zonguldak. The 3rd edition of the Karadeniz Eregli Open Water Swimming Race is scheduled for 31 July.

    The event, where the timing services will be provided by Depar Timing, has initially been limited to 300 participants, however, as the quota was reached in a very short period of time and the demand endured, a total of 354 swimmers were eventually accepted in three races. 143 participants are registered with the 1.5km race while the 3km will see 128 swimmers and the 5km, the longest race of the day, will accommodate 83. All races will start at 10:00 on Sunday, 31 July, with the time limit being 2 hours 30 minutes for all.

    Information on the technical and logistical aspects of the Karadeniz Eregli 3rd International Open Water Swimming Race as well as the list of the participants are posted at

  • June 26th, 2022

    Depar Timing At Water Sports

    Aquathlon and swimming races incorporated in the Istanbul Water Sports Festival will be held on 2 July and 3 July respectively.

    The participants of the aquathlon will meet at the Maltepe Orhangazi City Park on Saturday to swim 1km, followed by a 5km run. A prize purse is offered for the top three finishers in “16-18 year-olds” and in the “19 years and over” category. There will also be separate classifications up to 70+ age group.

    Swimmers from 12 years of age will be racing over a distance of 1.5km on Sunday morning. The event is limited to 500 participants who are required to complete the race course in one hour at the latest.

    Information on the Istanbul Water Sports Festival, where the timing services will be provided by Depar Timing, can be reached at

  • June 9th, 2022

    Triathletes To Meet In Beylikdüzü

    Istanbul Sprint Triathlon, one of the important events of the season, will be held at Gürpınar race course on Sunday, 19 June.

    Jointly organised by the Turkish Triathlon Federation, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Youth and Sports, Sports Istanbul and the Beylikdüzü Municipality, the event will gather triathletes of 19 years of age and over. The participants will start the day by swimming 750m, followed by 20km cycling and a 5km run. The event offers a prize purse for the top five overall male and female finishers.

    Entries for the Istanbul Sprint Triathlon will remain open until midnight on 16 June. Full information is posted at

    Depar Timing is the provider of timing services for the event.

  • May 8th, 2022

    Winners of The Race Without a Finish Line

    The Wings For Life Run, held concurrently in various cities of the world, is won by elite athletes both globally and in Turkey.

    Jo Fukuda of Japan covered 64.4km to become the overall winner before he was caught by the Catcher Car that took off 30 minutes after the official start of the event. The 32-year-old runner has a marathon personal best of 2:09:52 from 2018. Women’s overall winner was Nina Zarina from the United States of America, also an elite road runner who delivered 2:37:37 and 2:33:22 respectively in the two marathons she ran within a month last year.

    İzmir, the host city of the Wings For Life in Turkey, saw the international athlete Üzeyir Söylemez winning the Turkish title with 61.2km, which also ranked him seventh in the world. The four-time national champion triathlete Tuğçe Karakaya became the winner on the women’s side by covering 36.8km.

    The timing services at the Wings For Life in İzmir was provided by Depar Timing in cooperation with the German company Datacapo. The global results of the event can be found at

  • May 8th, 2022

    Depar Timing Hits 450 Races

    Wings For Life in Izmir on 8 May has marked a milestone for Depar Timing as the number of the involved events reached to 450.

    Founded as the electronic timing department of Depar Trading, a consultant and high quality equipment provider in a wide range of sports since 1987, Depar Timing carried out the very first transponder timing in Turkey at the Eurasia Marathon in November 2006. Depar Timing shortly became a reliable partner for the organisers, and served various running, swimming, cycling, triathlon, Ironman and classic car races both in Turkey and abroad ever since. The number of the events that Depar Timing contributed to the success has totalled to 450 at the Wings For Life World Run on Sunday, 8th of May 2022. This figure, which only a few timing companies around the world achieve, not only displays Depar Timing’s respect for the organisers but also reflects the passion for sports of its timers who keep on with the mission for the past 16 years.

    Depar Timing will be providing timing and side services in several national and international races in the rest of this year.