MyLaps Sports Timing

MYLAPS, the new AMB i.t. and ChampionChip brand, is the leader in sports timing research and development, setting the world standard in automated timing solutions. In November 2008, these two leading sports timing solution companies merged. Their goal is to take sports timing solutions to the next level. They combine years of expertise and knowledge under one brand name: MYLAPS sports timing.

MYLAPS offers the best-in-class sports timing systems to measure, publish and analyze race and practice results for all sports. They are the partner of choice for professional and amateur sports organizations around the world. Their customers include timekeepers, clubs, event organizers, federations, track owners, participants and spectators.

In addition to sports timing systems, They offer a variety of value-added services to enhance the sports experience, including event planning, event registration and GPS tracking. They also provide timekeepers the ability to publish race and practice results on the MYLAPS website, enabling participants to analyze and improve their performance.

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  • Apex system (ProChip)

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