Apex system (ProChip)

This system is designed differently compared to ChampionChip/MYLaps classic systems. ChampionChip/MYLaps Prochip Decoder systems are created for the necessities for the usage demanded by the organisers of the events in whose races need the accuracy for the 1 / 1000 of a second is crucial for the results of the event. An antenna mat is not necessary for those events, the loop antenna cables are used for the systems and they need to buried on the ground and it is quite practical with the usage of the tray mechanisms available. These loop antennas do collect the raw data published by the prochips, which are the active timing chips that are 1 / 1000 of a second accurate. The difference of prochips compared to the classical chips is that they include a special battery and a memory inside, which makes the prochips could stand in the events that the participants might be detected even in the speeds such us 100 Km / h.

The Prochips are highly regarded in the races that demands accuracy and has the approval for the specifications of UCI, ITU, ETU, IAAF since 2007. But, the variety of the applications of the system is never limited to what is being described as above. Once the system is stabilised on a certain place, it is as flexible as these systems can serve for the sports as Horse Racing, Canoeing, Figure Skating, Inline Skating, Kayak and so on.