Bib Numbers

Our company will provide the preparation of the bib numbers including both the design and printing of them. In case of a demand by the organiser, we are able to finalise the race packs by including the bib numbers and stickered chips in the same bags and putting them in necessary order ( ascending or descending ) .

- Our bib numbers are made from the Tyvec paper by Dupont. It is highly resisstant to the effects of the sun and totally waterproof.
- The numbers of the bibs can be supplied in blue, red and black where applicable.
- The desired texts or logos might be located on the planned spots of the bib numbers where necessary
- The sizes of the bib numbers are 22 cm x 22 cm in maximum. The smaller sizes are also available due to demand.
- The stickered bib numbers that are made from high quality polyester can also be produced for the usage in the races that numbering the cyclist helmets or athlete jerseys is a necessity.