July 3rd, 2018

Missions Accomplished in Triathlon

The results of the Triathlon Junior European Cup and the triathlon races of the Mediterranean Games were provided by the partners and the team members of Depar Timing.

ETU Triathlon Junior European Cup was hosted by Bucharest, the capital of Romania, as a part of the week-long triathlon festival, and the event was timed by Depar Timing timers. The organisers and the European Triathlon Union expressed their appreciation to the multinational Depar Timing team after the race.

The timing services at the triathlon races of the Mediterranean Games that is concluded in Tarragona, Spain were provided by Depar Timing’s Hungarian partners. The team, which has been collaborating with Depar Timing in several events abroad as well as in Turkey for many years, also produced the TV graphics for the live coverage in Tarragona.