June 30th, 2018

43 Races in 6 Months

Depar Timing was entrusted with timing 43 races during the first half of the year. An overall of 19,550 transponders were used at these races.

Having started 2018 with the Adana Half Marathon on 7 January, Depar Timing teams successfully provided the timing services on a total of 26 race days of 17 different sporting events. The team members, who not only served in Turkey but also in United Arab Emirates and Croatia, produced the results of 20 running, 13 cycling, 5 swimming and 5 triathlon races.

While 19,550 transponders were used in the 6-month period, the highest total participation number was recorded in running races where 16,500 transponders were used up.  

Besides the timing services, Depar Timing also provided the television graphics for the Vodafone Istanbul Half Marathon in April.

A heavy schedule awaits Depar Timing in the second half of the year as well. September and October will particularly see several races in a row in various countries.