October 3rd, 2017

Depar Timing Back On Europe’s Roads

Offering its services not only in Turkey but also abroad, Depar Timing will be on course in Zagreb and Sofia marathons in October.

Croatian and Bulgarian organisers, who utilised the services of Depar Timing in the previous editions, entrusted Depar Timing once again with timing their events. Expert teams of Depar Timing will facilitate time measurement in both Zagreb and Sofia.

Zagreb Marathon will celebrate its 26th edition on 8 October. The traditional event, organised by Zagreb Athletic Association, includes a half marathon and a 5km public run as well. Depar Timing will serve all three runs with its accurate bib chip system.

It will be another three separate running events in Sofia on 15 October. In addition to the marathon, a half marathon and a “quarter marathon” over the distance of 10,55km will be held on the same day. The timing team travelling to Bulgaria from Turkey will be accompanied by experienced timers from Croatia.

Providing timing services in a large number of road runs in Turkey as well as in Europe, Depar Timing had extended its services to classical automobile races this year further to swimming, biking and triathlon events. Depar Timing offers reliable timing solutions in all events according to their requirements with the various systems in its portfolio.