September 9th, 2022

Fifth Festival In Rumkale

Rumkale, where the first settlements date back to the Paleolithic Age, will host the water sports enthusiasts on 25 September.

Following the very successful three editions between 2017 and 2019, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, the organiser of the Rumkale Water Sports Festival, had to cancel the event due to the pandemic in 2020, however, the Festival made a thrilling return last year. The fifth edition to be held on Sunday, 25th of September, will once again include dragon boat, water polo and swimming races.

Rumkale, the fortress that the Festival named after, is situated across a peninsula at the confluence of the Fırat River and the Merzimen Stream. The event area is accessible by boat from the Kasaba Village, 25 kilometres to the Yavuzeli district of Gaziantep.

Information on the 5th Rumkale Water Sports Festival as well as the entry form is available at The swimming races within the Festival will be timed by Depar Timing.