April 8th, 2022

For A Good Cause

Wings For Life World Run, providing funds for spinal cord research, will be held in 7 cities including Turkey’s Izmir on 8 May.

Wings For Life World Run is organized by the non-profit Wings For Life Foundation, and the full revenue raised by the registration fees is transferred to scientific spinal cord researches. The event has been held since 2014 and it goes with the motto “For A Good Cause” this year. Whilst there is no announced distance of the race, there is no finish line either. The race starts simultaneously in each of the cities where the event is held, and the competitors who are caught by a car are considered to have finished the race. The Catcher Car gives the runners a 30-minute head start, then takes off. The last runner to be caught by the Catcher Car in İzmir becomes the Turkish winner, the last participant remaining in all cities is crowned the world champion.

The physical runs are limited to seven cities due to the pandemic this year, however, it is possible to participate in the race virtually. The event will start at 13:00 CET (14:00 Turkish time) on Sunday, 8 May in Ljubljana of Slovenia, Munich of Germany, Poznan of Poland, Vienna of Austria, Zadar of Croatia and Zug of Switzerland alongside Izmir while the virtual runners in 155 cities of 6 continents will start at the same time by a smart phone application developed for the purpose. Detailed information on the locations and the participation conditions are accessible at www.wingsforlifeworldrun.com.

Timing services of Wings For Life World Run in İzmir, where the number of registrants reached 6,500 with one month to go, will be provided by Depar Timing in cooperation with the German company Datacapo.