January 2nd, 2021

Top Five in 2020 Lists

The lack of competition opportunities due to pandemic did not hamper the historical results in marathon and half marathon in 2020.

Despite the cancellation of many road running events throughout the year, all-time lists were rewritten in the races that could be held. Valencia Marathon and Half Marathon in December saw the best ever depths in history. Thirty athletes finished the marathon inside 2:10 while four athletes ran faster the world record in the half marathon. Kibiwot Kandie clocked 57:32 to become the new world record holder. The world records of the women’s half marathon were also broken, by Ababel Yeshaneh for the mixed race with a time of 1:04:31 in Ras Al Khaimah in February, and by Peres Jepchirchir for the women-only race in 1:05:16 in Gdynia at the World Half Marathon Championships in October.

Having had very few chances to race during the year, Turkish athletes still delivered some remarkable performances, including Yavuz Ağralı’s Olympic qualifier marathon time 2:10:41 and Aras Kaya’s first ever sub-61 minute in half marathon by 1:00:51.

Top five athletes in the marathon and half marathon lists of 2020 are as follows;

Men's marathon World list:
2:03:00   Evans Chebet, Kenya (Valencia, 6 December)
2:03:04   Lawrence Cherono, Kenya (Valencia, 6 December)
2:03:16   Birhanu Legese, Ethiopia (Valencia, 6 December)
2:03:30   Amos Kipruto, Kenya (Valencia, 6 December)
2:04:12   Reuben Kiprop Kipyego, Kenya (Valencia, 6 December)

Men's marathon Turkish list:
2:08:50   Kaan Kigen Özbilen (Valencia, 6 December)
2:10:41   Yavuz Ağralı (Seville, 23 February)
2:12:59   Mestan Turhan (Valencia, 6 December)
2:14:29   Ömer Alkanoğlu (Seville, 23 February)
2:20:34   Üzeyir Söylemez (Istanbul, 8 November)

Women's marathon World list:
2:17:16   Peres Jepchirchir, Kenya (Valencia, 6 December)
2:17:45   Lonah Chemtai Salpeter, Israel (Tokyo, 1 March)
2:18:35   Birhane Dibaba, Ethiopia (Tokyo, 1 March)
2:18:40   Joyciline Jepkosgei, Kenya (Valencia, 1 March)
2:18:58   Brigid Kosgei, Kenya (London, 4 October)

Women's marathon Turkish list:
2:41:11   Tubay Erdal (Istanbul, 8 November)
2:43:06   Elif Dağdelen (Seville, 23 February)
2:47:52   Meryem Kılınç Gündoğdu (Istanbul, 8 November)
2:48:37*  Yasemin Can Arslan (Izmir, 4 October)
2:58:35*  Dilan Atak (Izmir, 4 October)
* Timing possibly not accurate, manual times read about three minutes faster.

Men's half marathon World list:
57:32    Kibiwott Kandie, Kenya (Valencia, 6 December)
57:37    Jacob Kiplimo, Uganda (Valencia, 6 December)
57:49    Rhonex Kipruto, Kenya (Valencia, 6 December)
57:59    Alexander Mutiso, Kenya (Valencia, 6 December)
58:11    Philemon Kiplimo, Kenya (Valencia, 6 December)

Men's half marathon Turkish list:
1:00:51   Aras Kaya (Gdynia, 17 October)
1:02:45+ Kaan Kigen Özbilen, (Valencia, 6 December)
1:03:10   Polat Kemboi Arıkan (Gdynia, 17 October)
1:03:16   Sezgin Ataç (Istanbul, 20 September)
1:03:34   Saffet Elkatmış (Gdynia, 17 October)
+ Intermediate time in marathon

Women's half marathon World list:
1:04:31   Ababel Yeshaneh, Ethiopia (Ras Al Khaimah, 21 February)
1:04:46   Yalemzerf Yehualaw, Ethiopia (New Delhi, 29 November)
1:04:49   Brigid Kosgei, Kenya (Ras Al Khaimah, 21 February)
1:05:06   Ruth Chepngetich, Kenya (New Delhi, 29 November)
1:05:16   Peres Jepchirchir, Kenya (Gdynia, 17 October)

Women's half marathon Turkish list:
1:06:20   Yasemin Can (Gdynia, 17 October)
1:12:22   Esma Aydemir (Gdynia, 17 October)
1:12:57   Fatma Demir (Gdynia, 17 October)
1:13:00   Sevilay Eytemiş (Trabzon, 23 February)
1:13:30   Fadime Çelik (Trabzon, 23 February)