November 21th, 2020

1 Case In 787 Competitions

A study in Japan found only one positive case of Covid-19 linked to 787 athletics competitions held in the country since July.

Japan Association of Athletics Federations conducted the study surveying 787 track and road races staged by local governing bodies, private race organisers and schools. Out of 571,401 athletes and 98,035 officials and staff who participated in the races in question, only one person is reported to be tested positive for coronavirus in the two weeks following his race.

Whilst most of the competitions in Japan were postponed or cancelled since March, returning to tracks and racecourses were permitted from the 1st of July. 529 of the events, which the participants were traced, were held without spectators, with the other 258 accommodating limited number of spectators.

On the other hand, it is stressed that the result of the study should not be misinterpreted and the obtained data doesn’t mean the outdoor competitions are inherently safe, and it is reminded that all of the 787 competitions subject to the study were held under strict Covid-19 measures.