August 17th, 2020

Back To Running Courses

Whilst several races scheduled to autumn are getting cancelled in Europe, the staged events are promising for the road runners.

Though the coronavirus is still in effect, mass participation events are getting back in some countries, particularly where the number of cases has dropped. The organisers developed various measures to ensure the health and safety of the participants in order to enable the comeback. Race timers take an important role in the “new normal” era as well.

The Moscow Half Marathon left a mark on the sports world in the first half of August with 9,511 runners crossing the finish line. The race was timed by ChronoTrack and the start, given in waves, took about 40 minutes in total. A 10m timing mat was set up at the start line, 8m lines served the purpose at the intermediate distances.

Major international road races in Turkey are to begin in September. The Izmir Half Marathon, which is limited to 500 participants, will take place on 6 September. Vodafone Istanbul Half Marathon, the only “gold” event remaining in September following the many cancellations of the World Athletics labelled road races, will also be held with a limited number of runners and without any participation from abroad. The race on 20 September will host the Turkish citizens and the foreigners residing in Turkey only. The 10km run is cancelled from the programme.

Depar Timing, set to be back in action at the Samsung Samsung Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swimming Race on 23 August, will make the first appearance in autumn road races at the Zagreb Marathon on 11 October.