June 19th, 2020

National Running Calendar Update

Turkish road race organisers are working on determining the dates of their races in autumn. Some events won't be held this year.

The coronavirus outbreak that hit the events all around the world in spring is still an obstacle to announce a final calendar for the fall season. Out of the 168 races that were granted Road Race Labels by the World Athletics, 38 events were postponed, with another 35 cancelled for the year. Not all the organisers who publicised new dates can confirm whether they will eventually be able to hold their races even though they continue with the preparations. The post-pandemic calendar is also drafted in Turkey.

The Mersin Marathon, previously postponed to 25 October, is now cancelled by the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, the organiser of the event, due to the ongoing health concerns in its first edition with a World Athletics Silver Label. The event will be held in March in 2021 with the Silver Label preserved.

Another spring race, Diyarbakır Sur Half Marathon had been rescheduled to 11 October, however, it is recently moved back to 27th of September in order to serve as the trials for the World Half Marathon Championships to be held on 17 October. The public race planned for the day will be reconsidered depending on the developments on the pandemic.

Also keeping an eye on how the coronavirus progresses, İstanbul Half Marathon, one of the two World Athletics Gold Label Races in Turkey, is getting prepared for its new date 20 September while the second “Gold” event, the İstanbul Marathon is likely to cancel the public run from the programme on 8 November.