May 29th, 2020

Major Decisions On the Line For the Majors

Boston Marathon, one of the “Marathon Majors”, is cancelled, while four others are closely watching the progress of coronavirus.

The Abbott World Marathon Majors, consisting of six of the largest marathons in the world, are having a hard year due to the pandemic affecting the whole world. Tokyo Marathon, the first event of the series in 2020, was held on 1 March, but limited to elite athletes only. Another spring event, the Boston Marathon was postponed from 20 April to 14 September, but it is announced on 28 May that the Boston Mayor cancelled the race as it is not yet “feasible to have a mass participation road running event”. The Boston Athletic Association has announced that the 124th edition of the Boston Marathon will be held as a virtual event.

The London Marathon, moved to 4 October from its traditional date, that is the last Sunday of April, is still in uncertainty. The Race Director issued a statement on 20 May mentioning that it is “not certain if the event can go ahead or, if it can, in what form it can take place”. The next update on the London Marathon is due to 21 June.

It was announced in early May that the Berlin Marathon could not take place on 27 September as planned, with no new date determined. According to what was posted on the event website on 27 May, the fate of this year’s race is still unknown. The Chicago Marathon, scheduled to 11 October, and the New York Marathon to be held on 1 November are continuing their preparations, however, both events advise the registrants to follow the updates as they get closer to the race.