May 9th, 2020

Pandemic Caused Running Boom

Surveys show that number of runners increased during coronavirus restrictions and most members will not return when gyms reopen.

As the governments implemented series of preventive measures due to the global crisis, gyms were also shut down temporarily. US-based company RunRepeat conducted a worldwide research on how the physical activity routines have changed during these difficult times. Two different surveys proved that, as a consequence of running outdoors being commonly allowed, many people began running regularly, and those who were previously running regularly increased their frequencies. On the other hand, almost half of the gym members are not planning to gyms when they reopen.

According to the findings of the first survey with 12,913 participants from 139 countries, runners who normally participated only once or twice a week before coronavirus increased their daily runs by 117% on average. Those previously running up to 3 times a week, reported an increase of 55% on average. Avid runners, who had been running four or more days a week, decreased their efforts by 9% on average.

The second survey, answered by 10,824 gym members from 116 countries, showed that 46.67% of members are not likely return to their gyms upon reopening. 36.57% of those who exercised regularly before the coronavirus crisis have already cancelled or are considering cancelling their memberships.

Runners who increased their training frequencies and a part of those who began running recently are anticipated to consider participating in road races once the “new normal” sets in.