March 12th, 2020

Coronavirus Hampers Road Races

While many road running events are cancelled worldwide, the spreading coronavirus crisis is also affecting the events in Turkey.

Republic of Turkey Ministry of Youth and Sports announced a set of measures to be taken, including the cancellation or postponement of several international events in various sports. Five road races are listed among others.

Vodafone Istanbul Half Marathon, a World Athletics Gold Label Road Race, is rescheduled to the 20th of September from its original date of 5 April. The new date not only enables the half marathon participants of the European Athletics Championships to be held in Paris from 25 to 30 August to race in Istanbul, but also provides the opportunity for a test race for those who would run the Istanbul Maraton on 8 November.

Silver Label International Mersin Marathon will not be held on 22 March as scheduled either. Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, the organiser of the event, is considering end November or early December as the new date in line with the climate of the city.

Izmir Marathon, planned for 12 April originally, is announced to be held on 4 October. Bursa Osmangazi Historical City Run, another event scheduled to 12 April, is one of the races to be cancelled or postponed due to coronavirus measures. Diyarbakır Sur Half Marathon is also postponed indefinitely from 23 April.