July 23th, 2019

100th Anniversary of National Struggle

The city of Erzurum will celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Turkish National Struggle with a 10km race on Saturday, 27 July.

Erzurum, where an important step was taken for building up the civilian resistance against the occupation of the country following the World War I that ultimately led to the creation of the Republic of Turkey, is remembered in the city with various activities including the 10km road race. One hundred years after Mustafa Kemal Atatürk took the leadership to convene a national congress on 23 July 1919, the city is now set to welcome runners from all over the country. Entries for the Erzurum 100th Anniversary of National Struggle is processed online at www.erzurumyolkosusu.com. Timing services in the event will be provided by Depar Timing.