• How is a race measurement being planned by ChampionChip/MYLaps?
  • How is a ChampionChip/MYLaps chip worn?

    The detection zone for the RFID chips supplied by the ChampionChip/MYLaps is 70 cm from the surface in general. The loop antennas are embedded to the mats that have been put on the ground. Because of this, the chips have to be located on decent locations during the races. For instance, the chips need to be put right in the middle of the puncture with its devoted clip for cycling events.

    Preferably, In Athletics, Triathlon, Inline Skating, Kayak and Alpine Discipline Cross Country events, the chips will either be safely put on the shoe ties or around the ankle with the usage of waterproof strip bands. With the help of the holes on the sides of ChampionChip/MYLaps chips, those can easily be attached with the shoe ties. The plastic stabilisers that will be distributed by the organisers in some of the events like Inline Skating is very important as they keep the chips as secure and intact and preserves them from falling down on the ground during the races.

  • Do – Don’t List
  • Can the ChampionChip/MYLaps chips be used with other electronic devices?